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Michel Angelo Portrait Drawings (, specializes in hand-drawn portraits and portrait drawings done in pastel from a photo or photograph or other images. renders realistic drawings for special occasions as gifts for loved ones and friends. There is no need to purchase your portrait drawings from anywhere else, including;;;;;;;;; Michel Angelo Portrait Drawings™ services are of the highest quality or you won't pay. specializes in fine art services that caters to the stars of Hollywood and beyond.  Many celebrities have utilized the talents of Michel Angelo for their portrait needs.
Located in Rockville Maryland and Fairfax Virginia
Pricing: This site uses the services of PayPal for a guaranteed secure purchase without worry.

1.) Prints found in "Purchase Work" & "Newest For Sale" are available for purchase starting at $14.99 each for 8"x10" print. Other sizes are available. These are fine art prints retouched by the artist on quality art paper. They have the same look and feel as the original. Other sizes, prints on canvas, framing, matting and mailing are extra. Please call or email me for further information.


18 x 23 cm (7" x 9") US$ B&W $ 69.95
22 x 27 cm (8" x 10") US $ B&W $79.95
23 x 30 cm (9" x 12") US$ B&W $89.95
28 x 36 cm (11" x 14") US B&W $124.95
Custom or Larger Sizes:  email or call for price quote (703-747-9366)
For an additional subject add an additional 30%. Project must be at least 11" x 14" to capture full details.
For Color Drawings: Add 35% additional per subject.
A 25% deposit will be typically required to commence a project. A project with 2 or more subjects will require a 35% deposit.

Above rates are only for standard portraits with hued backgrounds as illustrated in this site.
An additional 30% will be added for each additional subject, if accepted by the artist.
Rates may vary depending on the complexity of the drawing beyond standard illustrations in this site, e,g., poor quality or grainy photos; drawn in backgrounds, full detailed/length clothing, etc., all of which complicate and add additional work to a drawing.

3.) Home portraits and color drawings with oil paint effect or impressionistic or abstract styles, e.g., pastel, charcoal, pen and pencil color drawings done with oil-painting effect and impressionistic or abstract renderings, require many hours of artistic time and fine color/tonal interpretations, and start at $125.00. Please contact the artist for a price quote.

4.) MATTING & FRAMING services are extra and can be discussed with the artist. It is strongly recommended that drawings such as these be placed in glass framing to prevent damages, scratches, fading and smudging of the work product.

For all sizes up to 8 x 10, the artist will provide a basic glass frame with no matting for US $24.99 additional; with custom matting an additional $15.00. Other matting and frame sizes beyond standard sizes listed above and higher quality frames are extra and can be discussed with the artist.

Above listed descriptions are the basic sizes. If you wish to have a specific size which does not appear on the list, please call me.

Please feel free to e-mail or call me (703-747-9366) for a quote based on a tailored product you may desire.

Sizes listed above indicate actual drawing areas.

Pricing is for unmatted and unframed portraits.

All commissioned portraits are rendered on quality art paper using fine art supplies.  All commissioned portraits are rendered on quality art paper using fine art supplies. 

Pricing does not include shipping and handling costs (see below).

Please note that the artist retains copyright to all artwork rendered.  The artist may use rendered artistic products for illustrative purposes on this website or for exhibitions or other displays of work. Authorizing work by me is acceptance of these terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed to.

1. Procedures

Send me an e-mail at:  [email protected] with your inquiries and photographs together with specifications of your preferences. Include a phone number for telephonic discussion of the project.

If you wish to receive your portrait at a specific time, please place your order well in advance. Completion of work depends on the size of the portrait, complexity, and the artist's workload at the time. Projects require up to 3-4 week. Rush orders may sometimes be accommodated, but there will be an additional charge per portrait. Please contact me for inquiries.

2. Choosing Your Photographs

Most pictures can be worked from. However, submission of a clear and detailed photo will produce better results. Please e-mail me the highest resolution available. I will notify you if the photo has sufficient detail to render a quality product. I will also reconstruct damaged or worn photos, older family photos and antique family photos. You may send me your photographs by e-mail or regular mail. or through the image file box of our e-mail form.

3. Modes of Payment and Shipping and Handling.

This website uses the services of PayPal for a guaranteed secure payment process. You may sign in with a PayPal account or make payment as a guest without sign-up with PayPal.

If you order no frame and matting, your portrait drawing will be shipped in a durable tube by First-Class, Priority, Express Mail or other pre-arranged delivery methods, depending on your choice. International shipping is extra. Delivery time: 6-10 business days from approving preview on site. Delivery with Standard Shipping typically ranges from $9.95 to $19.95, depending on size/weight, but may very according to postal rates. Frames have additional charges. Other shipping arrangements must be discussed in advance.  All estimated delivery times are within the continental US and subject to parcel carrier's terms and conditions. Other shipping and handling charges will be quoted accordingly. Shipping prices are subject to change without notice.

All drawings are done with fine art pastel and pencil and paper products.

Michel Angelo can do a portrait of your choice similar to ones found in this site, My prices are temporarily discounted at this time and quite reasonable relative to other sites. 

Creating a portrait drawing, especially in color, involves a lot of artistic time, effort and attention to detail to capture tonal qualities and fine distinctions of light, shade and true perspective. A work of art can entail many hours of work. The pricing represents a substantial reduction from my normal prices in commemoration of my new web site. Prices are subject to change without notice.

By contracting me for a portrait you expressly grant permission to use any final drawing as a sample on my website.

All rights reserved © 2013 Michel Angelo.

© Copyright images contained in this site are protected under the personal property of Michel Angelo, the artist. Use of any image or any noted copyrighted image contained herein is a violation of copyright law and is strictly prohibited. Written permission to use or copy any of the materials on this web site is expressly required.

Business Information: specializes in Realistic Color Pencil and Pastel Portrait Drawings for birthdays, weddings, special occasions and romantic surprises for that special sweetheart or loved one. Custom matting and framing services are also available. also restores and repairs old, torn or worn photographs and converts old black and white photographs into vibrant living color portrait drawings to be preserved forever.

Products: Finished Fine Art Portrait Drawings

Services: Hand-Drawn portraits in Black & White and Color

Industries Supported:  Fine Arts & Freelance Portrait Drawing Services

Year Established: 2009

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours

Business Description: is an independent freelance American drawing service and small business in the United States of America. serves all of the following metropolitan areas: 

Austin, TX; Atlanta, GA; Brooklyn, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Las Vegas, NV; Raleigh, NC; San Diego, CA; Denver, CO; Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; Nashville, TN; Charlotte, NC; San Antonio, TX; Minneapolis, MNPasadena, CA; Phoenix, AZ; San Jose, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Tampa, FL; Orlando, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; Columbus, OH; St Louis, MO; Cleveland, OH; Sacramento, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Miami, FL; Baltimore, MD; Indianapolis, INTucson, AZLong Beach, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Milwaukee, WI; Durham, NC; Burbank, CA; Bellevue, WA; Cary, NC; St Paul, MN; Beverly Hills, CA; Torrance, CA; Marietta, GA; Scottsdale, AZ; Kansas City, MO; Washington D.C. (District of Columbia). also serves other jurisdictions in all 50 states nation-wide throughout the USA and internationally.

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If you are interested in a personal portrait drawing, please review the standard pricing and framing list below. When you have a selection you may call me and discuss your desires, or please describe what you want in the form at the bottom of this page, indicate your choice for a drawing or drawings, provide your phone number and submit the information to me via email Please use the "Contact Me" box at the bottom of this page. I should contact you in no less than 24 hours, but likely a lot sooner! You may also call me at anytime on 703-747-9366 or email me and we can go over any questions about your drawing needs and requirements and how to purchase your drawing. My email is: [email protected]

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